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Beautiful & functional countertops

Premiere Flooring & Design Center is your go-to source for countertops guaranteed to enhance any kitchen or bathroom. Our Puyallup design center features an expansive selection of today’s most reputable and affordable countertop brands, including Pental, MSI, and Ceasarstone, all made from top-quality, durable and resilient materials. Whether your project is residential or commercial, traditional or modern, our remodeling specialists will help you find the right materials for your surfaces or create a unique countertop solution.


Our Countertops

Our inventory includes countertops that are nonporous and nonabsorbent, stain- and scratch-resistant, and easy to clean. Visit us to find the perfect countertops for your dream kitchen or bathroom!

Countertops | Premiere Floors & Design Center


Countertop Types

Our countertops are available in a variety of different materials. Three of the most popular are granite, marble, and quartzite. Granite is the natural result of cooled lava, often featuring flecks of other minerals embedded within. This gives each surface unique variation, smoothness, and immense strength and heat resistance, making it the top choice for countertops in many homes.

Marble has long been a hot trend for countertops, with a timeless, high-end look that results from limestone being subjected to intense heat under pressure. It features unusual, elegant patterns and light tones that hide scratches and stains.

Quartzite is the result of sandstone and quartz being exposed to intense heat and pressure. Quartzite is an incredibly strong material that minimizes scratches and other common types of wear.

Countertops | Premiere Floors & Design Center


Countertop Care & Maintenance

Typically, all you need to clean your countertops is a damp cleaning cloth and some mild detergent! Make sure to thoroughly rinse off the cleaning solution you use with hot water to keep your surfaces safe for activities like food prep. Be sure to use a non-abrasive cleaner, or you'll run the risk of dulling the surface shine of your countertops.

For dried or particularly sticky food stains, try a non-abrasive gel applied to your damp cloth. Don't apply it directly to the countertop! You can then wipe the area in a circular motion and rinse thoroughly with water. Be sure to dry your surface afterwards. Even if your countertops are sealed, you shouldn't let standing water linger for long periods of time.

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The brands we love

Some of the names we trust the most.

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