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Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is very popular because of its limitless design potential throughout your home, office, restaurant or outdoor space. Within the home, you can update your kitchen, bath, and whole-house projects with these flooring solutions. At Premiere Floor & Design Center, we offer a wide variety of brand-name tile flooring, like Shaw and others, that comes in several varieties and styles, including natural stone, porcelain, ceramic and Luxury Vinyl tile (LVT).


Ceramic & porcelain tile is molded from clay, pressed and finally heated under extreme pressure to form this rigid material. There are two main types of ceramic tile.


  • Non-porcelain ceramic tile is the traditional type, made from a combination of white, red and brown clay, sometimes mixed with other minerals.
  • Porcelain tile is similar, but also contains up to 50% feldspar, a type of crystal which, when heated and pressurized, forms a glasslike material that gives porcelain its extreme hardness and durability.


The ceramic tile can be manufactured to be glazed or unglazed. Glazed tile is fired a second time to give the clay tile a glass-like, often adding color variations throughout the surface coating. A glazed tile provides the added benefit of increased resistance to stains, scratches and moisture unlike an unglazed ceramic or natural tile.


Natural stone tile is produced from natural materials including granite, marble, limestone, travertine, onyx, slate and sandstone. Here’s some additional information about these popular forms of natural stone:

  • Granite is a very dense volcanic rock with a distinctive speckled appearance. It is impervious to scratching and is excellent for high-traffic areas such as kitchens. Variations of granite allow the color and pattern differences.
  • Marble is a metamorphic stone well known for its elegant appearance. It’s more porous and therefore recommended for decorative use rather than practical purposes.
  • Limestone is a sedimentary rock with an earthy look, less dense than other stone. It’s more susceptible to damage but is porous and can be stained different colors.


Tile Inspiration Gallery

Want to renovate your floors using tile? It helps to know what they'll look like after they're installed! We've gathered some of our favorite tile flooring room designs to showcase various styles paired with different color palettes and decor styles to help you get inspired!

Garden Way Carpet


Tile Installation

Tile requires very particular sub-floor preparation. Frequently, a water-resistant backer-board is affixed to the subfloor, providing a secure, stable surface for tile installation.

As with all other forms of floor covering offered by Premiere Floors & Design Center, we have well-trained, skilled and experienced installers for your project. You can rely on them to produce a beautiful finished job, and to be careful and respectful of your home and property in the process.

Tile Installation


Tile Care & Maintenance

A tile flooring may just be the easiest floor to care for and maintain. Regular daily care is simple, and a deeper clean once a week or as needed is all it will take for your floors to stay looking beautiful for years to come. Here are some care and maintenance tips that our experts at Premiere Floors & Design Center.


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