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100% Dust Free Refinishing Services

Premiere Flooring & Design Center works together with MaxCare Hardwood Floors to help you restore the beauty and elegance of your existing hardwood floors.

MaxCare Hardwood Floors offers 100% dust free hardwood refinishing services so that your home will be left without the of any dust or debris that most companies leave behind.

Whether your project is residential or commercial, traditional or modern, our hardwood restoration and resurfacing specialists at MaxCare Hardwood Floors will help you achieve the look you want, with a 100% dust free guarantee.

What does 100% Dust-Free Refinishing really mean?

When you think of sanding anything - hardwood floors included - you likely think of sawdust. And when it comes to a huge surface like your floors, the amount of toxic dust that could potentially get kicked up is too much for most folks to bear. Traditional hardwood refinishing causes dust to get everywhere, even beyond the rooms you're restoring, and cleanup generally lasts for many days on end.

It's for all of these reasons that a lot of our customers let their hardwood floors get old and worn, simply living with the mess rather than tackling it head-on.

We don't blame them! Which is why we put a lot of time and effort into perfecting a 100% Dust-Free Solution to Hardwood Refinishing.

Particularly in sensitive areas of the home, such as an office with a large, heavy desk or a home library with built-in shelves, moving furniture and other items out of a room before refinishing just isn't possible at times.

Our system does away with the traditional sanding machine with a simple cloth bag for capturing dust. These models are not effective and still leave a lot of dust lingering. Even some more advanced companies have tried to use portable systems, but haven't yet ditched the bag. In these cases, dust will inevitably still get into duct work and HVAC systems and get circulated throughout the home, becoming a long-term nuisance.

At Premiere Floors & Design Center, we believe that to be truly dust-free, you need a big enough vacuum with enough power to capture all of the dust that gets generated during the refinishing process - not just some or most of it.

We also believe that to be truly dust-free, you shouldn't have to hang plastic. So we don't. We don't need to!

Our system involves the use of a gas-powered, truck-mounted vacuum system, powered by a 61 hp 4-cyclinder Nissan motor. This motor is connected to a positive displacement vacuum pump, which allows us to run a longer length of vacuum hose without losing any suction power. In this way, we can run more than 200 feet of vacuum hose into your home, no problem!

We're the only company in Pierce County, WA with a vacuum system this large & powerful.

Our goal is to provide you with a positive flooring experience, and we firmly believe that having a dust free sanding system helps us to attain that goal.

We also offer a 100% guarantee, meaning that if you find any wood dust in your home after our sanding and finishing process is complete, then we will gladly have your home professionally cleaned, free of charge!

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